SOLID Steel CHOPS Builders (A-size)

Metal POWER Wrist Builders are made in the USA under computer-controlled conditions using SOLID, tempered aluminum and SOLID, high-quality steel. Metal PWBs are not metal over wood, nor do they have hollow shafts. Making them from solid metals means the sticks won't bend, and the weight is balanced throughout the entire length of the stick. For added protection, the aluminum sticks are anodized and the steel ones are nickel plated.


Typical Users

● Jazz/drum set and orchestral percussionists who like the

    extra weight of the steel CHOPS Builders.

● Experienced players who like the combination of smaller

    diameter sticks paired with the challenge of steel for

    building strong and agile wrists and forearms.

● Seasoned pros who want to maintain their chops using

    smaller diameter sticks but who want the added weight

    of steel.


Diameter Comparable to

Typical A-size wood drum stick

PWB-AA-4-114 (SOLID Aluminum model)

PWB-HA-4-114 (Heavy DuraStick model)



● 12 ounces (340 grams)



SOLID steel (with nickel plating)



● .500 in./1.27 cm. diameter by 15.5 in./39.37 cm. long

Reminder: Only PWB-D model sticks can be used on traditional drum heads. All PWB CHOPS Builders sticks (the aluminum, steel, and Heavy DuraSticks) are designed to be used on practice pads (like the PWB RetroPAD) or electronic drum sets. Using them on traditional drum heads will likely damage or destroy the heads.

Make sure you buy authentic PWB CHOPS Builders, not a lesser-quality copy! Each metal PWB CHOPS Builders stick is engraved with a serial number and the POWER Wrist Builders name and logo. (Of course, they're also covered by our 100% unconditional, money-back guarantee!



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