Wood Display Box


● Uses a variety of quality woods - including mahogany,

   bubinga, alder, maple, cherry, and white oak.

Hinged with solid brass butt hinges

● Finished with a natural oil and wax finish that accentuates

   the hand-hewn texture.



● 17.25 in. x 3.25 in. x 1.5 in. (43.8 x 8.3 cm x x 3.8 cm)

 Protect Your CHOPS Builders Investment in Style


This exquisite, solid wood box is specially designed to display and protect any size solid aluminum or solid steel POWER Wrist Builders CHOPS Builders.


● Perfect for:

    – Award ceremonies

    – Presentations

    – Performance incentives

    – Thank You Gifts

    – Just plane personal indulgence

● Handcrafted by a master artisan

● Includes finger notches (for easy stick access)


PWB Chops Builders sticks sold separately.

Wood Display Box


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