Heavy DuraStick CHOPS Builders (A-size)

POWER Wrist Builders' Heavy DuraSticks are economic alternatives to our solid metal CHOPS Builders. We hand build each pair using the same high-quality, space-age synthetic composite material we use for our better-than-wood DuraSticks. Next, we add a steel inner core and then seal the butt end with heavy-duty black rubber. The weight of a Heavy DuraStick is distributed throughout the stick, with a slight bit extra toward the tip. (And like all our products, they're proudly made in the USA.)

 Typical Users

● Jazz/drum set and orchestral percussionists who want to

    warm up quickly and improve their stick control.

● Beginning/less experienced players who want to start

    building their wrist and forearm strength, endurance, agility,

    and speed.

● Experienced percussionists who want to easily maintain

    dexterity and strength in their wrists and forearms.


Diameter Comparable to

Typical A-size wood drum stick

PWB-AA-4-114 (SOLID Aluminum model)

PWB-SA-12-340 (SOLID Steel model)



● 4 ounces (114 grams)*

   *weight may vary slightly


High-quality, space-age synthetic composite with steel rod

    inserted (exterior dyed Black)



● .500 in./1.27 cm. diameter by 15.5 in./39.37 cm. long

Reminder: Only PWB-D model sticks can be used on traditional drum heads. All PWB CHOPS Builders sticks (the aluminum, steel, and Heavy DuraSticks) are designed to be used on practice pads (like the PWB RetroPAD) or electronic drum sets. Using them on traditional drum heads will likely damage or destroy the heads.

Make sure you buy authentic PWB CHOPS Builders, not a lesser-quality copy! Each PWB Heavy DuraSticks CHOPS Builders stick is engraved with the POWER Wrist Builders name. (Of course, they're also covered by our 100% unconditional, money-back guarantee!



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