PWB CHOPS Builders Sticks come in 9 models

                          ● 3 SOLID Aluminum   (A, B, and S* diameters)


                          ● 3 SOLID Steel                 (A, B, and S* diameter sticks)


3 Heavy DuraSticks (A, B, and S* diameter sticks)


Are you a drummer who wants to:

Play faster?

Warm up more quickly?

Have better finger control?


Then do what the pros do

Build your CHOPS the

POWER Wrist Builders way

... in just 15 minutes a day

*Not familiar with the diameters of typical wood drum sticks?

  Although there are hundreds of wood drum stick models, most conform to three industry standard stick sizes:

A - Generally favored by jazz and orchestral players. A-size sticks are smaller in diameter at approximately .500 in/1.27 cm.

B - Concert band percussionists commonly use these mid-size sticks, which are about .625 in./1.59 cm in diameter.

S - Marching band/drum corps percussion lines favor the wider diameter of S-sized sticks (about .750 in./1.91 cm.)