"The World's Ultimate CHOPS Builders"


Just 15 minutes a day with any of the three sizes of aluminum CHOPS Builders sticks will help you play faster, warm up more quickly, and have better finger control.


Same great qualities as our aluminum sticks, but the denser qualities of steel mean these three sizes are heavier than the aluminum or Heavy DuraStick models.

Heavy durastick

Starting with a base of our better-than-wood DuraSticks, these three models offer an economical alternative to begin building strong wrists and forearms.

Why Use CHOPS Builders Sticks?

Power - Endurance - Agility - Speed

in just 15 minutes a day!


Percussionists need great "chops" as much as wind players. But in our case it's forearms and wrists, not lips and embouchure, that are invaluable. And building power ... endurance ... agility ... and speed is what a chops building routine is  all about.

 How do the pros build

strong wrists and forearms?


They Use POWER Wrist Builders!©





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"SHORT BREAK" and will return soon.  Thanks for your support...Terry